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Tips for your interview

Study the job description really thoroughly. How the job advertisement is structured will provide you with a good understanding of the type of questions that you may face at the interview. In addition to this, having carefully studied the job description, there will probably be some questions that spring to mind which you would like to ask the interviewer.
Nowadays, a lot of job interviews actually start with a free presentation that is given by the prospective candidate. Our advice is, firstly, to prepare an introductory speech about yourself and about your career to date which will emphasise all the main reasons why you are suited to the job in question so that you come across as both relaxed and well prepared when you are introduced to the recruiter. Amongst the most common questions asked at interview are those where the candidate is requested to outline their strengths and weaknesses and it is also vital that you have a well-prepared response for this as well as having a clear idea about the position for which you are applying.

The first question is frequently the one where you are asked to talk about yourself. For this subject, as already mentioned above, it is good advice to prepare a presentation that lasts around three minutes which provides details about your career, the links between the various positions held, the periods covered in each position and any training that has been undertaken. The person who is interviewing you will also want to know some more personal information about you such as where you come from, what your interests are and what your best qualities are.

Spontaneity is frequently one of the most underestimated and undervalued abilities with regard to what constitutes a good interview and is a skill that nearly always pays off. If you are able to deal with an interview situation whilst demonstrating your skills and your personality, this will undoubtedly help you to stand out from whatever competition there may be from the other candidates.

Practising your answers to the most likely questions will also help you to sound more confident when these questions are put to you in an actual interview, such as, "What do you think you are best at?", "What are your weak points?", "What goals have you achieved?" and "Why should we choose you?" In this instance, you can incorporate examples from previous experience into your answers which will highlight the reasons why you are the right person for this position.

The last piece of advice, but, by no means the least important, is to think about your digital footprint, (be careful of the pictures and comments that you post on social media) and endeavour to showcase your interests and your skills. Do you have any hobbies? Talk about them! Do you have a blog? Do you do any voluntary work? Have you had any particularly interesting experiences? Don't hold back on sharing all of these as they serve to display your versatility, mental agility and your manual and relationship skills.